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Juliana Michelon Alvarenga

Research student

Lancaster University

Bowland North



Research Interests

My PhD research is a posthuman reflection on distributed autonomous technology in its entanglements with human society. I seek to develop an ethnography of large-scale sociotechnical systems through the lens of systems theory, cybernetics and posthumanism that will help us understand how human-machine cognitive interaction leads to emergent behavior and self-regulation of human-machine systems.

My theoretical framework:  

  • Posthuman Philosophy
  • Systems Thinking
  • Distributed Autonomous Systems
  • Cybernetic Organisms
  • Hybrid Societies

Currently housed at the Sociology Department through the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) - Security node.

I am also a member of the Center for Science Studies (CSS), and a member of Lancaster Intelligent, Robotic and Autonomous Systems Research Centre (LIRA), for Society and Human Behavior research.