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Dr Kate Bailey

Former Research Student

Kate Bailey

Thesis Title

The current (working) title of my thesis is 'The 'Unquiet Dead: Memorializing the 'disappeared' in post-conflict Guatemala.' 


My PhD research is exploring the process of memorialization in post-conflict Guatemala, focusing on the victims of disappearances and questioning whether it is actually possible to appropriately memorialize the 'disappeared'. Unlike many other forms of violence, the disappearances for many have no conclusive ending: the disappeared do not ‘reappear’ and their eventual fate, or location of their body, is never known. This presents a difficulty in regards to memorialization: if a person is not acknowledged as being dead, can they be commemorated as such? And if so, how? 

I am interested in speaking to anyone who has connections with Guatemala and the disappearances.

Current Teaching

I am currently acting as an Associate Lecturer on the course Hist100: From Medieval to Modern: History and Historians. 

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