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Kate Wright

Not currently employed, Research Student

Kate Wright




Tel: +44 1524 510862

My Role

I am a 2nd year PhD student in the Computing Department. 

Prior to starting my PhD I have worked in research administration roles at both Cambridge and Lancaster Universities.

Thesis Title

Understanding how stakeholders derive valid and actionable decisions from environmental data science in the face of uncertainty.

Thesis Outline

Research in environmental sciences uses a large amount of data and, along with complex analytical methods, there are many areas where uncertainties can occur. These can be due to either the randomness of world (e.g. the future is not known) or due to knowledge limitations. My project is a mixed method study to look at uncertainties in environmental data, and how stakeholders deal with these when making decisions. It is part of the Digital Science of the Natural Environment project (DSNE), so environmental data relating to this project (land use management, ice sheet melt prediction and air quality modelling) will be considered along with looking at ozone depletion as a historical issue for comparison.  I have started looking at the ozone depletion story and I think it will make an interesting historical study regarding uncertainties, the Montreal Protocol legislation and the scientific community assessments used as an aid to decision making by policy makers.