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Dr Kathleen Pitt

Formerly at Lancaster University

Kathleen Pitt



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Research Interests

My main interest is in the relations between language use and social relations, especially through the frame of critical discourse analysis. My focus over the past few years has been on how specific individuals interact with dominant discourses, and how and why they might resist them. This has taken me into an exploration of language and consciousness, creativity, identity and critical realism (see Pitt 2008 and Pitt (2010, 'Folding souls or the real self? The theories of self of Roy Bhaskar and Nicholas Rose through the case of five visual artists.' Journal of Critical Realism, vol 9, 2, pp. 172-198).).

I have a long-term interest in second language learning and multilingual issues.

Professor Mary Hamilton and Ifacilitated a series of workshops on the theme of creativity and academic writing for professional academic writers during the 2007/8 academic year.

Current Teaching

I teach two modules on the distance MA in Adult Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL run by the department of Educational Research. These are 'Language and Linguistics for Teaching' and 'Debates in ESOL Teaching and Learning'.

I also run annual sessions on thesis writing for the 'Thesis in Progress' support courses offered to all research students at the university.

In addition, I am a part-time Associate Lecturer for the Open University on their MA module 'Discourse Analysis'.

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