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Dr Kathryn MacKay

Formerly at Lancaster University

Kathryn MacKay

Office Hours:

Wednesday 10:00-12:00

Office B11, County South

Research overview

At the heart of my research lies the question, ‘who gets to make which kinds of decisions for whom?’ Pursuit of this question has led me to investigations about the nature of power, autonomy, authenticity, social justice, public dialogue, and the functioning of political institutions. My work is centered around issues at the intersection of feminist theory, political thought, and moral theory. I am particularly interested in issues related to health, identity, and agency. I am currently working on authenticity and normative authority in 'agency dilemma' cases, on the role of mothers in achieving the aims of health promotion, and the impact of 'behavioural policies' on diverse societies. I have an ongoing interest in the nature of compassion and its possibilities for moral thought.

Research Grants

Wellcome Trust Humanities and Social Science studentship - 2014-2017

Current Teaching

PPR.201 - History of Philosophy

PPR.202 - Ethics: Theory and Practice (Seminars - Michaelmas)

PPR.392 - Feminist Philosophy 

PPR.321 - Reading Political Theory

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