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Dr Kerry Dodd

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Kerry Dodd


I am a PhD student in the Department of English and Creative Writing. My thesis, entitled ‘The Archaeological Weird: Excavating the Non-human’, examines the intersection between archaeology and Weird fiction. Exploring the connections between history, spaces and objects, I utilise the Weird, Science Fiction and non-genre examples to assess the process of encountering materiality. By focusing on the formation of artefact identity in conjunction with alternate paradigms of non-human contact, my thesis seeks to elucidate upon how archaeology and the Weird can offer new frames of non-partisan encounter. I also work more widely in the fields of: Science Fiction (particularly Cosmic Horror and Cyberpunk), post-structural materialism, the Gothic and digital narratives. I am especially interested in 'glitch aesthetics' and how they may speak to a re-definition of digital-orientated ontology. 

I am also part of the ISS IT Support team which help provide front-line technical support to the University. We offer assistance on a range of services, such as email, IT accounts, software and network triage, and can be found either at the Learning Zone Support Desk, over the phone or through email. As part of this role, I aim to develop my interest in digital media and pursue collaborative efforts between IT and the arts. 

Thesis Title

The Archaeological Weird: Excavating the Non-human

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