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Dr Kieran Reeves

Research student

Kieran Reeves

Current Research

PhD Title: Integrated dynamics, control and energy management of all-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

The development of a multi layered control model for future all-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (AWD PHEV’s) that are due to start entering the market during 2016/17. Such a vehicle will split the commonly seen Parallel and Series hybrid vehicles into 2 separate powertrains where a conventional internal combustion engine will power 2 wheels of the same axle whilst one or two motors will control 2 wheels of the remaining axle. These will create a 2 or 4 wheel drive vehicle on demand.


The work is to investigate both control and vehicle simulation - whilst both are intrinsically linked, they are separated into two simulation models, thus the research is conducted by developing a vehicle dynamics simulation model based on mathematical formulae and measured data and a control model. The dynamics simulation utilizes time varying inputs to then allow novel control/optimization routines to be investigated to determine energy management strategies whilst ensuring stability through turning. 

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