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Dr Kilian Bartikowski

Formerly at Lancaster University

Kilian Bartikowski

Current Teaching

GERM 100/101 - German Studies Part I

GERM 100 - Part I Intensive German

GERM 101 - Part I Advanced German

GERM 200 - Second-year German Oral Skills

GERM 200i - Second-year German Oral Skills (post-intensive)

GERM 301 - Final-year German Written Skills

DELC 356 - Myths of Italian Resistance: Italian Fascism and its Narratives in Post-War Film and Literature

Professional Role

DAAD Lektor


PhD in Italian and German History (TU Berlin)

Research Interests

My main areas of research lies in the field of the History of Italian Fascism and German Nazism. I find it fascinating to work in transnational context. I believe that research on mutual perception and entanglement is a fruitful domain. I am currently collating research for my next study, which will focus on the legacy of German Nazism. I aim to conduct further research into the topic of street renaming particularly in the Western Allies occupation zones from 1945-1949.


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