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Dr Lael Walsh

Formerly at Lancaster University



I am an ecological and biological scientist passionate about research that addresses food and sustainability challenges. I have worked in academia and the private sector and with several international organisations such as IUCN and UNEP. I have a range of research interests in science including invasive plant management, biological control, pesticide resistance, crop protection, entomology and food systems. I am always looking for opportunities for interdisciplinary science which combine my skills in science, education and business.

Career Details

As an honorary research associate with Prof. Jess Davies, I undertake spatial data modelling and data analysis of horticulture production and urban food system resilience as part of the Rurban Revolution project. This important work aims to characterise the UK’s urban agriculture potential and understand how to build resilience in urban food systems. Research like this is timely and important, particularly as the latest IPCC special report highlights that "urban and peri-urban food production mitigates impacts to people, land and climate in a warming world".


PhD (Health and Agricultural Science)

Professional certificate in Bioinformatics

MSc (International Management and Global Business)

PGCE (Biology & Mathematics)

MSc (Environmental Science)

BSc (Ecological Science)

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