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Dr Leif Isaksen

Formerly at Lancaster University

Leif Isaksen

Research overview

My research interests lie in two distant but related fields: the development of geographic thought and representation in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, and the emerging role of the Web as a transformational medium for communicating and connecting complex information. For the former I have undertaken theoretical and digital analyses of specific documents from ancient world, including the Geographike Hyphegesis of Claudius Ptolemy and the Roman Itineraries. In the latter I  apply Web-based (and Linked Open Data) technologies to annotate, connect and revisualize geographic aspects of the past through its textual and material culture, most notably as Director of the Pelagios Commons. In addition to these I am investigating a hilltop enclosure in Moray, Scotland.

PhD supervision

Linked Open Data in the Humanities Spatial Technologies in the Humanities History of Cartography and Geographic Thought

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