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Lidia Kuzemska

Research student

Lidia Kuzemska

Lancaster University

Bowland North



Research overview

Ph.D. thesis: Bordering and Othering of Internally Displaced People from Donbas in Ukraine.

Research Interests: Forced Migration; Displacement; Citizenship Policies; Refugees; Migration Policy; Humanitarianism; EU Asylum and Migration; EU Neighborhood Policy; Borders / Walls.

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Research Interests

I am passionate about:

- how people/groups/nations construct what unites and divides them within and beyond the state borders;

- how it impacts on politics of belonging, citizenship, and borders;

- migration trends & policies, & why people decide to move/stay/return.

Additional Information

Blog posts & Publications:

Follis, K., Kuzemska L. (April 16, 2015). REDUX: THE ‘EURO’ IN EUROMAIDAN, IN HINDSIGHT. Allegra Lab. Available at: https://allegralaboratory.net/the-euro-in-euromaidan-in-hindsight/

Kuzemska, L. (October 28, 2012). Prospects for Public Sociology in Ukraine. Global Dialogue. Available at: http://globaldialogue.isa-sociology.org/prospects-for-public-sociology-in-ukraine/

Kuzemska, L. (2011). Public Sociology: The Evaluation of Feasibility of M.Burawoy’s Thesis. Visnyk of the Lviv University. Sociology Series. 2011. Issue 5. P. 178–187. In Ukrainian. Available here

Kuzemska, L. (2010). Comparative Evaluation of the Socially Disputed Aspects of Scientist Career. Visnyk of the Lviv University. Sociology Series. 2010. Issue 4. P. 297–306. In Ukrainian. Available here

Additional Information


2015, June 11 Postgraduate workshop on migration “Reframing the Migration Debate” (University of Sheffield).

Paper presented: ‘Framing Forced Internal Migration Debate in Ukraine: State and Civil Society Responses to Internally Displaced Persons Humanitarian Crisis. Watch or read the presentation.  


2015, June 6-7 Platform Ukraine conference (University College London).

Paper presented: ‘Bordering’ and ‘Othering’ of the Donbas in post-Euromaidan Ukraine public discourse. Watch or read the presentation.


2014, July 1 8th annual Intellectual Party/Summer Conference (Lancaster University).

Paper presented: Immigration and a Nation-State: Working Together of Against?” 


2014, April 23-24  15th Annual UACES Student Forum Research Conference (Aston University Birmingham).

Paper presented: “The externalization of the EU immigration policies to Ukraine: following the example of Central Eastern European countries?” Available here


2013, June 30-July 1  7th Lancaster University Summer Conference.

Paper presented: Schengen visa regime: materiality and symbolism of barriers’ 


2012  All-Ukrainian National scientific conference ‘Current problems of public sociology’.

Paper presented: “РУХ НАЗУСТРІЧ І ВСУПЕРЕЧ: АКТУАЛЬНА МОДЕЛЬ РОЗВИТКУ ПУБЛІЧНОЇ СОЦІОЛОГІЇ В УКРАЇНІ” (Move towards and against the current model of development of public sociology in Ukraine)


2011, June 27-29  Estoril Political Forum “The Future of the Free World” (XIX International meeting in political studies & Summer School), Estoril, Portugal). 

Additional Information

Affiliated with Migrancy Research Group 

Mentor at Connect Ukrainians Team.