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Dr Lingxuan Liu

Senior Lecturer in Sustainability

  1. JPI Urban Europe/NSFC: Sustainable, Innovative, Resilient, and Interconnected Urban food System

    Nordin, A. (Co-Investigator) & Liu, L. (Principal Investigator)



    Project: Research

  2. Preparatory action to Boost Global Crop Yield for Food & Nutrition Security and fueling a Bioeconomy

    Davies, J. (Principal Investigator), Parry, M. (Co-Investigator), Rufino, M. (Co-Investigator) & Liu, L. (Co-Investigator)

    European Commission


    Project: Research

  3. UK EEE and WEEE Quantification and Compliance Target Study, REPIC

    Yumashev, D. (Researcher Co-Investigator), Stowell, A. (Principal Investigator) & Liu, L. (Co-Investigator)


    Project: Research

  4. Can ruralising urban areas through greening and growing create a healthy, sustainable & resilient food system?

    Davies, J. (Principal Investigator) & Liu, L. (Principal Investigator)


    Project: Research

  5. REPIC UK EEE and WEEE Quantification and Compliance Target Estimation Study

    Stowell, A. (Principal Investigator), Yumashev, D. (Co-Investigator), Struijker Boudier, I. (Researcher), Liu, L. (Co-Investigator) & Downes, S. (Other)



    Project: Research

  6. Evaluation of Supplier Training Progams for Sustainability

    Liu, L. (Principal Investigator) & Liu, L. (Principal Investigator)

    Institute of Sustainable Communities


    Project: Research

  7. Energy-Water Climate Change Nexus in a Transitional Economy – Sustainability & Resilience

    Liu, L. (Principal Investigator) & Liu, L. (Principal Investigator)

    The British Council


    Project: Research

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