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Professor Lionel Wilson


  1. Locations and derived diameters of RMDSs as per Fig. 6 and all the 8281 RMDSs identified so far across the global Moon by March, 2020

    Zhang, F. (Creator), Head, J. W. (Creator), Wöhler, C. (Creator), Bugiolacchi, R. (Creator), Wilson, L. (Creator), Basilevsky, A. T. (Creator), Grumpe, A. (Creator), Zenodo, 2020, 10.5281/zenodo.3711659


  2. LROC NAC-based high-resolution (2 m per pixel) digital elevation models (DEMs) of twelve regions on the Moon containing ring-moat dome structures (RMDSs)

    Zhang, F. (Creator), Head, J. W. (Creator), Wöhler, C. (Creator), Bugiolacchi, R. (Creator), Wilson, L. (Creator), Basilevsky, A. T. (Creator), Grumpe, A. (Creator), Zou, Y. L. (Creator), Zenodo, 2020, 10.5281/zenodo.3748825


  3. Movies and temperature and pressure measurements associated with the study "Experimental evidence for lava-like mud flows under Martian surface conditions"

    Brož, P. (Creator), Krýza, O. (Creator), Wilson, L. (Creator), Conway, S. (Creator), Hauber, E. (Creator), Mazzini, A. (Creator), Raack, J. (Creator), Patel, M. .. R. (Creator), Balme, M. R. (Creator), Sylvest, M. E. (Creator), Zenodo, 2019, 10.5281/zenodo.3457148


  4. Scatter plots as per Fig. 4, and Spectra-derived TiO2 as per Fig. 7

    Zhang, F. (Creator), Wohler, C. (Creator), Head, J. W. (Creator), Bugiolacchi, R. (Creator), Wilson, L. (Creator), Basilevsky, A. (Creator), Grumpe, A. (Creator), Zenodo, 2019, 10.5281/zenodo.3370821


  5. The crater detection results (necessary data for making Figs 6 and 7) for areas A2, A4 and A7 to estimate the ages of RMDS-overlapped craters in Figs 2a-2c

    Zhang, F. (Creator), Head, J. W. (Creator), Wöhler, C. (Creator), Basilevsky, A. T. (Creator), Wilson, L. (Creator), Xie, M. (Creator), Bugiolacchi, R. (Creator), Wilhelm, T. (Creator), Althoff, S. (Creator), Zou, Y. (Creator), Zenodo, 2021, 10.5281/zenodo.5124673


  6. The data presented in Figure 6, the 120 mare domes hosting no RMDSs shown in Fig. 5, and all the RMDSs (more than 6400 in number) identified in Mare Tranquillitatis

    Zhang, F. (Creator), Head, J. W. (Creator), Wilson, L. (Creator), Meng, Y. (Creator), Wӧhler, C. (Creator), Guo, D. (Creator), Niu, S. (Creator), Bugiolacchi, R. (Creator), Qiao, L. (Creator), Dang, Y. (Creator), Liu, Y. (Creator), Zou, Y. (Creator), Zenodo, 2023, 10.5281/zenodo.8009470


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