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Louis Pulford

Research student

Louis Pulford

Lancaster University

Bowland College



Research Interests

My research explores the role of ritual in the exercising of power during the first half of the thirteenth century in the Anglo-Aragonese corridor. It was within this region that a diplomatic and cultural nexus emerged in the later twelfth century, as rulers sought to secure their power and contend for dominance through military operations and marriage alliances. I am interested in how the rulers of this region, namely; the Angevin kings of England and dukes of Gascony, the Capetian kings of France, the kings of Aragon, and Simon de Montfort (leader of the Albigensian Crusade and quasi-royal ruler of Languedoc under the Capetians) used acts of ritual to create a shared cultural language through which they could communicate. More broadly, I am interested in kingship and aristocratic values in the central Middle Ages, as well as medieval historiography.


Thesis Title

Rulers and their use of Ritual in the Anglo-Aragonese Corridor c.1200-1250

Supervised By

Dr Sophie Ambler

Research Grants

AHRC North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership Award (October 2018-October 2021)


The Dominic Christian Scholarship (2017-2018)



Medieval History MA - University of East Anglia (2017-2018)


History BA (Hons) - University of East Anglia (2014-2017)

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