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Dr Lucy Jackson-Jones

Senior Lecturer in Immunology

Lucy Jackson-Jones

Furness Building



Research overview

My laboratory focuses on 'Local immune responses' that occur within the thoracic cavity. In particular the interaction of the macrophages of the pleural cavity and fat associated lymphoid clusters of the pericardium and mediastinum. Inflammation of the pleural space induces the production of innate IgM from B cells residing in FALCs, and causes fluid phase macrophages to divide locally, however it is unclear how these two responses are interlinked. We are working to uncover the mechanism by which macrophages detect IgM, in the context of allergic airway inflammation, parasite infection and cancer.

PhD supervision

I would be happy to hear from prospective students at MSc by Research or PhD level to discuss supervision of projects in the fields of Immunology and Inflammation research. My group works on fat associated lymphoid clusters and investigates how such novel immune structures co ordinate body cavity immune responses during allergy, infection and disease. Projects include 1. Investigations into the role of locally produced chemokines in mesothelioma like inflammation in the pleural space 2. Understanding how macrophages recognise oxidised phospholipids 3. Investigating the role of FALCs in activation of a local immune response against multi-cellular parasites such as Schistosoma mansoni and Trypanosoma brucei. 4. Understanding how antibodies control macrophage lipid usage during inflammation.

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