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Maddy Millar

Research Associate: Trial by gender?

Maddy Millar

Bowland North



Research overview

Maddy is a Research Associate in the University of Lancaster Law School and works on the ‘Trial by gender? Examining jury decision making in cases of rape and sexual abuse involving male victims’ project, alongside Dr Siobhan Weare and Dr Dominic Willmott. Maddy works at the intersection of Psychology and Law and uses both quantitative and qualitative methods to empirically examine how jurors make decisions. Her PhD research examines how jurors experience threat within the criminal trial, how threat perception can impact the distribution of attitudes within the jury, and how compromises to jury diversity can impact normatively desirable decision-making.

Research Grants

Maddy received a fully funded scholarship from the University of Exeter to undertake her PhD. During her PhD, she was awarded £1,037 from the American Psychology-Law Society (APLS) and £940 from the University of Exeter to recruit participants to take part in empirical mock-jury work. This work has been presented at both national and international conferences.


BSc Hons in Psychology (2015-2018)

MRes in Psychology (2019-2020)

PhD in Law (2021-2024)

Associate Fellow of ASPIRE and the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE) (2023-2024)

Professional Role

Research Committee Member - Research-Only Colleague Representative

Web Links

X (Twitter) - @_MaddyMillar

BlueSky - @maddymillar.bsky.social

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