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Dr Maria Michael

Former Research Student

Maria Michael

Current Research

My current research is based on the development of retro-inverted peptides and peptide-inhibitor-nanoparticles as β-amyloid aggregation inhibitors, for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. My project is supervised by Prof. David Allsop in collaboration with Prof. Christian Hölscher at Lancaster University.

It has been recently discovered that aggregating oligomeric proteins implicated in Alzheimer's disease, are generating 'reactive oxygen species', causing cellular degeneration and tissue damage. Thus, blocking the formation of these early toxic protein aggregates could be a novel approach to the treatment of protein misfolding diseases, including Alzheimer's disease. Our research group has recently developed a novel retro-inverted peptide-based aggregation inhibitor that could provide a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease. We have also found that the potency of these inhibitors can be greatly improved by attaching them onto the surface of lipid nanoparticle scaffolds.

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