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Professor Mark Howe

Formerly at Lancaster University

Mark Howe

Research Interests

My research interests centre on structural (representational) and processing (encoding, storage, and retrieval) components involved in the development of memory and long-term retention. As well, recent research is focused on the adaptive nature of memory and its development, with an emphasis on the positive consequences of memory illusions (particularly in priming problem-solving success) and the role of memory in navigating future decision-making and behavior.

Current work includes studies of:

  • developmental changes and invariances in memory and forgetting from infancy to adulthood
  • infantile amnesia and the development of autobiographical memory
  • children's memory for distinctive (e.g., traumatic) events
  • changes in basic memory development due to childhood stress and maltreatment
  • development of false and implanted memories
  • reasoning-remembering (in)dependence
  • dynamic modeling of cognitive development
  • adaptive memory

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