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Dr Mark McLay

Lecturer in 20th Century US History

Mark McLay

Bowland College



Research overview

My main research interests lie in the post-1960s United States.

Primarily, I am interested in the extent to which the United States has polarised since 1960, and the ways in which this has manifested in American politics, society, and culture. I am currently working on a project exploring why the US continued to polarise in an era of relative prosperity (1992-2008).

My other interests lie in the effect that wars have had in reshaping US politics, society, and culture. In this regard, I have a special interest in both the Vietnam War and the most recent Iraq War.

I also have some niche interests in anything to do with the history of sleep, the history of fertility/surrogacy, and the history of neuroscience.

PhD supervision

I am delighted to talk to any students interested in conducting a PhD in post-WWII US history or any of the interests I list above.

Career Details

In 2016, I received my PhD in History from the University of Edinburgh, before taking up lecturer positions at Glasgow Caledonian University (2015-2018) & the University of Glasgow (2016-2021).  

In January 2022, I joined Lancaster University as Lecturer in 20th Century US History.

Current Teaching

HIST360 - American Carnage: The United States in the Age of Polarisation, 1960-Present

HIST269 - The Quagmire: The Vietnam War in US History and Culture, 1964-1975

HIST300 - Dissertation

HIST251 - Writing History: Questions, Methods, Conclusions

HIST119 - 1968, Dates Module

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