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Martin Ward

Formerly at Lancaster University

Martin Ward


As Deputy Superintendent and Area Safety Officer I stand in for the superintendent covering building, safety and any other department issues. I am also on call for out of hour problems

I am responsible for overseeing cryogenic activities throughout the Department, this includes training staff, students and visitors in cryogenic techniques and providing advice and trouble-shooting to all colleagues. I am also responsible for safety issues relating to cryogenics and manual handling and have stand-by responsibility for running and maintaining the helium liquefier.

Responsible for the development, construction, modification and up-keep of highly specialised cryostats in the ultra-low temperature research group. This involves skills and experience in mechanical workshop practice, and all aspects of welding and soldering.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Away from the university my interests are motorcycling, game shooting, wildfowling, and gun dog training cocker spaniels.

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