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Dr Mateusz Mikusz

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

I am working on conducting an exploration into next generation analytics for open pervasive display networks. My work mainly focusses on understanding how users engage across pervasive computing and mobile computing systems and, more generally, IoT devices. This work is based on the vision of bringing together fixed infrastructure and mobile computing systems, creating the need for detailed insights how users interact across such systems. My work provides a set of tools and techniques for next generation digital signage analytics and lays the foundation for more general people-centric analytics that go beyond the domain of digital signs and enable unique analytical insights and understanding into how users interact across the physical and digital world.

In the context of my PhD and throughout my academic career, I have worked on a number of collaborative research projects:

  • PETRAS - Cybersecurity for the IoT: I am currently working on the integration of Internet of Things sensing devices with pervasive display networks, specifically on the ‘Displays and Sensors on Smart Campuses’ and ‘Resolving Conflicts in Public Spaces’ workpackages; petrashub.org.
  • PACTMAN - Trust, Privacy and Consent in Future Pervasive Environments: The project focusses on creating systems for privacy and consent management in future pervasive environments (e.g. environments with a high amount of sensing and actuation capabilities); pactman.uk.
  • Visiting Resarcher at LiveLabs, Singapore Management University: I spent 3 months at LiveLabs exploring the use of a novel pervasive display personalisation system that utilises real-time location tracking technology in the context of a large convention space; livelabs.smu.edu.sg.
  • RECALL: The project aimed to re-think and re-define the notion of memory augmentation. My involvement in the project was around the use of novel public display applications on supporting student learning and recall of lecture content in the context of a smart campus environment; recall-fet.eu
  • PD-NET: In the context of PD-NET, I worked at hciLab (University of Stuttgart) and at Lancaster University (as a visiting researcher) mainly focussing on implementing new interactive applications for pervasive displays; pd-net.org.

 External Activities:

Contributions to Open Source Projects:

  • Yarely: Digital signage player for open pervasive display networks. 

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