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Matthew Ivory

Research student

Matthew Ivory

Lancaster University

Fylde College




I am a first year PhD Psychology student engaging with the EPSRC-funded project titled, "The soft skills of software learning development: Psychological dimensions of computing and security behaviours". This interdisciplinary project is primarily focussed upon how software developers learn about software and how psychology shapes and determines the choices that developers make as they produce software and code. The current literature demonstrably shows software developers are susceptible to biases and using heuristics in their work, but it is not clear how to combat these weaknesses within the learning period or how to aid in reducing these biases.

I expect that the research within this project will be moulded by current theories in social psychology, such as social identity and contagion, and by cognitive models, such as working memory and mental representations.

Current Teaching

In the academic year 20/21, I am a demonstrator on PSYC401, Analysing and Interpreting Psychological Data and leading seminars on PSYC111, Introduction to Cognitive Psychology.