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Dr Matthew Seddon

Former Research Student

Matthew Seddon

Research overview

- Inter-war British political youth movements

- Changing political culture in Britain between the wars

- Imperial culture in Britain

- Interaction of the commercial and political spheres

Current Research

My current research surrounds inter-war British political youth movements with particular interest in the Conservative Party's Junior Imperial League. Rather than looking at the youth movements in isolation, my work takes the form of a comparative study and will look at youth movements as part of a complex web which saw them borrowing techniques from one another in order to compete for the minds of young people.

Looking at youth in this way is demonstrative of a flourishing aspect of inter-war political culture which saw mass involvement by local community activists. This provides a gateway to examining the changing nature of inter-war political cultures and how parties sought to adapt their appeal to court the future voter.

Contact me

Email: m.seddon3@lancaster.ac.uk

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