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Professor Michael Dillon


Michael Dillon

Lancaster University

County South



Tel: +44 1524 592710

Research overview

Michael Dillon researches the problematisation of politics, security and war from the perspective of continental philosophy. He has been especially interested in what happens to the problematisation of security when security discourses and technologies take life rather than sovereign territoriality as their referent object (www.keele.ac.uk/biopoliticsofsecurity). He has also written extensively on security and war, international political theory, continental philosophy,and cultural research. Since security is foundational to all understandings of the political, he also researches the relation between continental thought and political theory; concentrating increasingly on the philosophy of the event, the politics of encounter and more recently divine violence and political theology drawing on the philosophy of Giorgio Agamben, Walter Benjamin, Jacques Derrida and Jacques Ranciere.

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