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Dr Michael Regan

Former Research Student

Michael Regan

Research overview

My research focuses on the First World War, and in particular the different and differing ways the war is remembered and commemorated, particularly in British culture. At the moment I am experimenting with different ways of both conducting my research and indeed presenting it – I am using conventional essay writing, diaries, autobiographical writing, poetry, prose and photography. Overall, I am interested in what kind of legacy the First World War has left us, and in turn what kind of legacy we will leave for the First World War.


I completed my BA and MA degrees at Lancaster University, and currently hold a fee-waiver bursary from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for my PhD project.

Current Teaching

I currently teach the Part I English Literature course ENGL100.

Career Details

I presented a paper entitled '"From Scratch" - Palestine and the legacy of World War I' at the international conference 'Aftermath: The Cultural Legacies of World War I', held at King's College London 21-23 May 2015.

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