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Professor Mike Hapgood

Formerly at Lancaster University

Mike Hapgood


Mike Hapgood is a Visiting Professor at Lancaster, working with the Space Plasma Environment and Radio Science group. He is also Head of the Space Environment Group at RAL Space, the space department of the Science and Technology Facilities Council, based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire.  

Mike has over 35 years experience in solar-terrestrial physics, working on both ground-based and space-based projects. Since 2000 he has had considerable involvement in studies of space weather, the application of solar- and solar-terrestrial physics to study how many modern technologies can disrupted by electromagnetic and radiation effects from space. This has now become a major concern to policy-makers because the disruptions that could be caused by a severe space weather event are a significant threat to many critical national infrastructures such the power grid, aviation and many satellite-based applications.

Over the past decade Mike has led several space weather studies funded by the European Space Agency and was chair of ESA’s Space Weather Working Team from 2006 to 2009. He currently chairs the UK Space Environment Impact Experts Group, which advises UK Government on the risks posed by space weather, and is a member of the project board which oversees Government work to improve national resilience against space weather.

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