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Mohammed Bouaddis

Research student

Mohammed Bouaddis

Languages and Culture

Bowland North




Mohammed Bouaddis is a PhD researcher at Languages and Cultures Department and academic professional who specialises in studying the cultural, literary, and cinematic productions of the banlieues. He recently earned his PhD entitled "Redefining Banlieue Spaces through Centripetal and Centrifugal Writing: Linguistic Heterotopias and Narratives of Resistance in Post-2005 French Literature". His work explores methods of cultural and political resistance, with a particular focus on undersubscribed politics - a concept coined by the author that describes marginal politics and their impact on writing from the perspective of financial gains and professional careers. The concept serves as a means of resistance for those who are marginally underrepresented artists and authors, and it delves into the question of how radical critiques of state ideologies can be expressed through cultural productions such as literature, films, art, and social media. These methods aim to promote the wider circulation and popularity of banlieue-themed productions, ultimately challenging the existing status quo. In addition to his academic pursuits, Mohammed has a strong dedication to educational innovation and youth empowerment, demonstrated by his involvement in Youth Career Programs and alternative provisions. 

Mohammed has extensive experience in educational management, with a particular emphasis on actively engaging with and supporting young individuals. He has been a advocate for their successful transition into the workforce, while also championing their voices, participation, and equal opportunities. #Education #YouthEmpowerment #Advocacy

Career Details

Youth Programme Coordinator  -  Orchard College Hill Academy Trust, Uxbridge (2024-)

ESOL Interim Coordinator  -  Orchard College Hill Academy Trust, Uxbridge (2023 - 2024)

Senior Teaching Assistant  -  Twickenham School (2022 - 2023)

Linguistics Corpus Editor  -  Lancaster University (2019 - 2022)

Associate Lecturer  -  Lancaster University (2017 - 2020)