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Mx Molly O'Reilly-Kime MBCS

Research student

Molly O'Reilly-Kime

Lancaster University




Research overview

Queer Identity, Gender Identity Online, Human-Computer Interaction, Social Media, EDI in Computing, Sociotechnology, Queer HCI, Feminist HCI

Research Interests

I'm a sociotechnologist researching Queer identity in computing, with focus on how social media platforms are designed around binary ideas about gender identity.  I'm working towards the improvement of online spaces for Non-Binary users, in terms of both platform functionality and user behaviour.

Current Research

I'm looking into how Queer users build community online, and how that is influenced by the environment cultivated by given platforms. This includes how platforms ensure safety and minimise risk for marginalised users, through site terms of use and community moderation.

Other Interests and Hobbies

I'm an avid pub goer, having been on the Real Ale and Cider Soc exec since my first year -- I have a growing collection of beer mats in my office!

I love video games and am currently playing through Borderlands for the millionth time.

I'm also an advocate and campaigner for housing rights in Lancaster, and I'm always happy to help people understand their rights as tenants.

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