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Dr Muaz Mahmud

Research student

Muaz Mahmud

Lancaster University

The Management School



United Kingdom

Research overview

My current study which intersects within the domain of management and environment, are among the evolving areas of research nowadays. The underlying theme of my research lies in the voluntary environmental management practices (VEMP), focusing on antecedents and outcomes of VEMP among manufacturers in the UK and Malaysia. VEMP are defined as actions taken by organizations including formal standards and common practice to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment (e.g. recycling, energy saving and green operations). 

My research will help to answer the following questions;

1) Why are some firms more environmentally oriented than others?

2) What effect does VEMP have on market/product innovation?

3) Does the linkage between organizational structure and VEMP depend on environmental changes and distant effects?

4) Does the linkage between VEMP and product/market innovation depend on capabilities and previous successes?

Therefore, from this research, I aim to provide theoretical and empirical insights from an environmental-management perspective. 

Supervised By

Professor Sarah Jack 

Professor Sascha Walter

Career Details

I am a fully funded (by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education) PhD student in Management within the Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation. Prior to continuing with my PhD in Lancaster University, I worked as a tutor in the Department of Agribusiness and Information Systems, Universiti Putra Malaysia. I also experienced consulting small businesses at entry and growth stages, mostly on penetration strategy.

I was awarded with Master of Science in Agribusiness from Universiti Putra Malaysia, submitting a thesis on entrepreneurship education among graduates in Malaysia. 

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Research Interests

Environmental management

Strategic management

Entrepreneurship education


Master of Science in Agribusiness (Entrepreneurship) - Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Bachelor of Business Administration - Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Other Interests and Hobbies

I have high desires for physical activities. Most of my free time are spent on sports such as football, table tennis, swimming and road cycling. Recently, i have been involved with lots of UK cycling events such as Bowland Bowbearer and Preston Pedalfest.

Besides that, i enjoy mountain climbing. Among the conquered peaks in Malaysia include Mount Kinabalu (4,095 meters-the 20th most prominent peak in the world) and Mount Nuang (1,493 meter).


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