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Muhammad Nur

Research student

Muhammad Nur

Lancaster University

Bowland North



Research overview

My research interests are migration law, labour law, and human rights law, specifically related to protecting migrant workers and refugees. Most of my previous studies have examined these issues.

Cases of slavery, human trafficking, violence, harassment, and terrible working conditions of migrant workers worldwide continue to this day. Therefore, prevention and protection measures through in-depth and structured research are still needed. On the other hand, legal issues related to refugees' existence, management, and human rights fulfilment are very complex in many countries. This intrigued me because, in general, two aspects intersect: the state's responsibility in fulfilling human rights and aspects of national interest.

Research Interests

My research interests are Migration Law, Labour Law, and Human Rights Law, specifically related to the protection of migrant workers and international refugees.

Thesis Title

A Model to Strengthening Monitoring System for Human Rights Fulfilment of Indonesian Migrant Fishers in Foreign Fishing Vessels

Thesis Outline

The shipping channels used by fishing vessels differ from those used by commercial ships because they must adjust the fishing areas. As a result, their operational area will be quite broad, even extending beyond the borders of a country's marine territory to the high seas. The complexities of monitoring in this field of work should have been given special consideration by establishing a monitoring system capable of protecting every worker regardless of location abroad.

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