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Muhammad Waqas Ayub

Research student

Muhammad Waqas Ayub

Lancaster University

Engineering Building



Research overview

Muhammad Waqas Ayub has been associated with prestigious Lancaster University for 11 years with 6 years of research experience. He is control and power engineer with specialisations in Active noise control systems and hybrid wind and wave energy. He has completed his BEng , MSc degrees and PhD at Lancaster university. His BEng Project was selected in New Jercey America IEEE. His Masters Project was selected by Enterprise Team of Lancaster university.  He is working as a tutor and lab demonstrator at Lancaster university.
He is now a part of Renewable Energy group , it is under the supervision of Dr. Xiandong Ma and Professor George. The objectives of research is to produce maximum output power from mixters of sources to acheive net zero. This research project holds great promise in contributing advancement of renewable energy solutions. 

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