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Dr Mustafa Cirakli

Former Research Student

Mustafa Cirakli

Research overview


Mustafa is a doctoral researcher at Lancaster University. His PhD research examines the framing of 'Turkish settlers' in public and political discourses in northern Cyprus.

His wider research interests revolve around the contemporary history and politics of Cyprus, ethnic/ethno-political conflicts, nationalism, identity, kinship, citizenship and immigration.

Current Teaching


POLI100: Understanding Politics and Governance

PPR224: The Politics of the European Union

POLI20941: Mediterranean Politics (University of Manchester)

PPR400: MA Theory and Methods in Postgraduate Studies (Examiner)

PPR430: MA Theories and Concepts in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy (Examiner) 

Research Interests


  • Identity and Belonging
  • Kin States
  • Immigration
  • Citizenship 
  • Nationalism and post-conflict
  • European Politics (Southeastern Europe in particular)

Additional Information


Selected Outputs 


Conference Papers

Cirakli,M. (April, 2016), Identity, immigration and civil society in northern Cyprus, ASEN Annual Conference, LSE:London 

Cirakli,M. (2016), The EU and the Cyprus Conflict: Situating 'Europe' in Turkish-Cypriot political discourses, ISA International Convention, Georgia:Atlanta

Cirakli, M.(2015), Turkish-Cypriot political parties and the 'immigration-settlement' debate in northern Cyprus, ASEN Annual Conference, LSE:London

Cirakli, M. (2014), Transforming identities on the 'margins'? The EU and collective identity in northern Cyprus', in Politics without Borders Conference, University of Nottingham, June 2014

Cirakli, M. (2014), Identity, Immigration and Citizenship in northern Cyprus, Lancaster Universtiy Postgraduate Conference, Lancaster, March 2014 


Blog/Magazine Contributions

Cirakli,M.(2015), "Settlers no threat to Cyprus reunification", Friends of Cyprus, Issue:57 (Winter 2015)

Cirakli,M.(November 2015), "The EU's Turkey Conundrum", Manchester Policy Blogs, available online at http://blog.policy.manchester.ac.uk/featured/2015/11/the-eus-turkey-conundrum/

Cirakli,M.(July 2015), "Greece and the future of the European project", Manchester Policy Blogs, available online at http://blog.policy.manchester.ac.uk/posts/2015/07/greece-and-the-future-of-the-european-project/

Cirakli,M. and Ersozer, F.(2015), "Peace prospects for Cyprus", Manchester Policy Blogs, available online at http://blog.policy.manchester.ac.uk/posts/2015/06/peace-prospects-for-cyprus/

Cirakli, M.(2014), "EU-NATO Relations:Quo-vadis?", Ideas on Europe, available online at http://mustafacirakli.ideasoneurope.eu/

Cirakli, M.(2014), "Presidential hopeful Verhofstadt shows courage to reinvent the EU", Manchester Policy Blogs, available online at http://blog.policy.manchester.ac.uk/featured/2014/05/presidental-hopeful-verhofstadt-showing-courage-needed-to-reinvent-the-eu/


Book Reviews


Cirakli, M. (forthcoming), "The Europeanisation of Contested Statehood: The EU in northern Cyprus by George Kyris", Political Studies Review, 15:(1)


Media Appearances 


Interview on Cyprus peace talks, 'The Stream', Al Jazeera, June 2015

Interview on Cyprus, 'World in Focus', Sputnik Radio, October 2016, available online at: https://sputniknews.com/radio_world_in_focus/20160926/1045719499/Cyprus-Reunification-Deal-By-End-of-Year-FIFA-Pressured-To-Ban-Israeli-Teams.html

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