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Dr Naaman Kessous

Formerly at Lancaster University

Current Teaching

  • FREN 231: Politics and Social Institutions in Contemporary France
  • FREN 300: French Language: Oral/aural skills
  • FREN 301a: French Language: Written skills
  • FREN 324: War, Politics and Writing in Algeria
  • FREN 325: Government and Politics in France since 1958

Research Interests

My main research interests are Contemporary French Politics and Post-Colonial Studies. I am currently working on a historical and biographical dictionary of the Algerian War and the latest developments of the French Fifth Republic.

Major and most recent publications

Rousseau and Fourier: Two French Precursors of Marxism (Avebury, 1996)

'The French Fifth Republic and Cohabitation', in Contemporary Studies , 1998, 794-800

'Fanon and Women's condition in Algeria', in Francophone Africa , 1999, 69-79

'Nouvelles, Monologue, Polémiques in Aziz Chouaki's Les Oranges', in ASCALF Yearbook , 2000, 8-26

Contribution to Dictionary to Francophone Studies (ed. M. Majumdar, 2002)

'Frantz Fanon and Algeria: alienation and violence', in Transition and Development in Algeria: Economic, Social and Cultural Challenges. (Intellect, 2005)

Algérie, Vers le Cinquantenaire de l'Indépendance (L'Harmattan, 2009)

'Littérature post-coloniale et corrosion politique: la troisième voix dans deux versions d'une nouvelle de Mohammed Dib' (Book Chapter, In Press)

Further information:

I am a member of the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France and the Political Science Association.

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