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Dr Naresh Vissa

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

My present research covers a hydro-meteorological component of extreme rainfall events (ERE) over Western Ghats (India). Understanding the meteorological process of ERE, and the role of ERE on flash floods using hydrological model are the major objectives of the Project. This project is jointly funded by NERC (UK) and MoES (INDIA) under CWC programme, further details of the project can be found at http://www.bgs.ac.uk/changingwatercycle/WesternGhats.html.

My role in this project is to assist Prof. Michael Bonell, Dr. Nick A Chappell, and Prof. Jagdish Krishnaswamy (ATREE, INDIA) in meteorological component.

Other research interests

1)      Synoptic Meteorology

2)      Air sea Interactions – Tropical Cyclones

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