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Neil Maddison

Former Research Student

Research overview

Real-time, in-situ detection and discrimination of low-energy beta emitting radionuclides such as H-3 (18.6 keV), Pd-107 (33 keV), Zr-93 (62 keV) Sm-151 (76 keV), Eu-155 (141 keV) and Se-79 (149 keV) is not currently possible. The assay of radionuclides producing low energy beta radiation is currently undertaken via the sending of samples to 3rd party labs for extraction and analysis — a costly and time consuming method.

The intention of this project is the development of a robust detection method for the real-time, in-situ monitoring and determination of low energy beta particles emitted from waterborne radionuclides as found in groundwater surrounding nuclear power plants and other nuclear legacy sites.

The use of two Scintillation materials will enable the differentiation of key radionuclides.