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Dr Oliver Hatfield

Research student

Oliver Hatfield

Lancaster University

Faraday Building



United Kingdom

Research overview

My current research is mainly related to the detection of anomalies in stochastic processes. The specific context which I give the most consideration is the detection of match-fixing in sport by looking at suspicious betting patterns, considering how the markets move over time. As such, my work is conducted in partnership with ATASS Sorts, a sporting analytics company based in Exeter. My supervisory team consists of Chris Kirkbride, Jonathan Tawn and Nicos Pavlidis from Lancaster University, as well as Tim Paulden, David Irons and Grace Stirling from ATASS sports.

Before joining STOR-i, I completed an MMath from Durham University in 2014, culminating in a final year project looking at the spatial distribution of volcanic hotspots with respect to geological features. My first encounter with STOR-i came at the end of my third year there, when I took part in the STOR-i summer internship, undertaking a project on detecting multiple changepoints. This motivated me to apply to the full STOR-i programme, and am now looking forwards to the challenges it will pose.

Homepage: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/~hatfielo

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