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Dr Patrick Byrne

Formerly at Lancaster University

My Role

I joined the Centre for Sustainable Water Management as a Senior Research Associate in March 2011. Current research activities are funded by NERC grant NE/F006063/1. This research is investigating the implications of groundwater-surface water connectivity for nitrogen transformations in the hyporheic zone. The project is using a multidisciplinary approach to explore, at a reach scale, the physical hydrology, hydrogeophysics and biogeochemistry controls on nitrogen transport in the hyporheic zone of the River Leith, Cumbria. The research is being conducted with partners at Queen Mary University of London.

Research overview

My research interests include catchment hydrochemistry, sediment geochemistry and freshwater ecology. I am particularly interested in the hydrological and biogeochemical processes that affect trace metal and nutrient cycling. My research involves both laboratory and field experiments, analysis of spatial and temporal monitoring data, GIS/statistical modelling, and utilises a variety of analytical and spectroscopic techniques.

Career Details

Previously, I have worked as a Research Assistant at Manchester Metropolitan University (Science and the Environment) investigating metal cycling and speciation in urban environments. Prior to this I completed a PhD at Loughborough University investigating hydrogeochemical and ecological impacts of historical metal mining on river systems in central Wales. Other employment within the environmental sector has included consultant positions as a Hydraulic Engineer and Environmental Scientist.

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