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Dr Paul McCarthy

Formerly at Lancaster University

PhD supervision

Biometrics, ICTs, Security Issues, History of Research Ethics

Research Interests

Paul was Cesagen's RCUK Academic Fellow in Health Care Resources until February 2010. Since then he has continued as a Lecturer in Sociology (50%) and Research Fellow (50%) in Cesagen.

Paul isCo-Theme Leader in Cesagen for Theme 2 'Therapies and Enhancement' with Prof. Ruth Chadwick at Cardiff University. Paul is also reponsible for all of Cesagen's European Union Framework Programmeprojects and for co-ordinating the overall Cesagen strategy in submitting proposals to the European Commission.

Cesagen's Theme 2 research programme 'Therapies and Enhancement' involves a number of researchers at Lancaster and Cardiff University. The theme is subdivided into three linked research areas, these are 1. Genomics, Food and Agriculture (where projects on Nutrigenomics and In-vitro meat are ongoing), 2. Translating Research, (where projects on Orphan Diseases and Mitochondrial Genetics, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine are ongoing) and 3. Genomics and Convergent Technologies, (where a number of FP7 projects are ongoing as well as work on forensic uses of DNA).

Current Teaching

I currently teach on the Sociology Research Methods course (Soc360) as well as supervising final year projects. I also teach Soc210a, Information Society which explores new developments in ICTs (ambient intelligence, the Internet of Things, Robotics and Biometric technologies) and their impact on society. I also teach a number of Special Study Modules for the School of Medicine in Human Research Ethics and Health Policy in the UK.