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Dr Pei-Wen Yeh

Formerly at Lancaster University

Pei-Wen Yeh


I obtained my master diploma at National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan. During my study, I researched on speech perception in Mandarin-speaking preschoolers. I conducted EEG and behavioral measurements with the research group at Brain and Language Laboratory in Academia Sinica, Taiwan (under the direction of Dr. Chia-Ying, Lee). After graduating, I worked as a research assistant at the Laboratory, and also extended the issue of speech perception and word learning on typically developing children and children with language deficits (ex: poor reading, specific language impairment). My current project as a PhD student at Lancaster University is to examine the developmental change in integration of emotion perception, supervised by Dr. Vincent, Reid and Dr. Elena, Geangu   

Career Details

2010 - 2013   Reserach Assistant at Brain and Language Labortory in Academia Sinica, Taiwan

2008 - 2010   MSc  Neuroscience Institution, National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Research Interests

Developmental cognition on language and emotion

Current Research

EEG studies on the integration of emotion perception in infants and adults  

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