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Dr Peter Garraghan

Reader in Distributed Systems

Peter Garraghan




Research overview

AI / ML systems, AI Security, Sustainable computing, Distributed Systems


PhD supervision

I am happy to explore and supervise topics within distributed systems, AI/ML systems, AI security, and energy-aware computing. If you have your own ideas for a research project you would like to pursue, feel free to contact me to discuss further. I currently have multiple fully funded positions open.

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Peter Garraghan is a Reader (US Full Professor equiv.) in Distributed Systems, EPSRC Fellow, and CEO of Mindgard.

His research expertise is empirically studying and designing high performance, secure, and sustainable systems at scale (secure AI systems,  Cloud datacentres, core network infrastructure) in the face of societal change and emerging cyber threats. His research places strong emphasis on system experimentation within both laboratory and production environments.

Peter has published over 60 research articles, led software teams to create bleeding-edge technology, has industrial experience building large-scale production distributed systems, and has worked and collaborated internationally with the likes of Microsoft, Nvidia, BT, BBC, Alibaba Group, STFC, CONACYT, UK government, as well as the UK datacenter and defence industry.

He is the recipitent of the prestigious EPSRC Fellowship (2021 - 2026), and his research on sustainable computing and AI systems has featured in the media including the BBC and the Daily Mail.

Research Interests

  • Distributed Systems, Deep Learning systems, Cloud datacenters
  • Sustainable & energy-efficient computing at scale
  • CPU & GPU cluster resource management
  • Systems security & resiliency


Ph.D. in Computer Science (University of Leeds, UK)

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