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Philip Furneaux

Honorary Teaching Fellow

Philip Furneaux

Physics Building



Tel: +44 7948 993562

Research overview

Phil Furneaux has worked as a Physics teacher Cumbria for 34 years. He was a metallurgy graduate and started his teaching carreer as a chemist. He soon realised the beauty of Physics and how all things can be worked out from the fundadments. He had to work hard to improve his knowledge and had a breakthrough when he was fortunate to follow a Masters at Lancaster University in Physics and Education where he was able to follow some physics undergradte courses.

Following an IOP secondment to the Lancaster Physics Department in 2008, he continued to work there as an Ogden Science officer developing outreach events for school.

He is now retired and enjoys organising CPD events for Physics teachers.

He has recently been awarded a Honary Teaching Fellowship at Lancaster University Physics Department.


Research overview

Phil is aslo a performing musician with an interest in sound visualisation. His Physics knowledge has been used in 1 D visualisation and 3 D visualisations.

Link to videos: