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Phoebe Sutton

Research student

Lancaster University

LEC Building



Research overview

Phoebe gained a Masters in Science at Bristol University, focusing her projects on plant biology, specifcally plant viruses and the circadian clock, and stomatal responses to evelated CO2. 

During the summer of 2016, Phoebe participated in a project in collaboration with GrowBristol. The aim of this project was to establish whether UV-B supplementation increased the antioxidant production in microgreens. This fuelled Phoebe's interest in commercial horticulture and the potential of vertical farming.

She has chosen to develop her interests by studying a PhD at Lancaster University partnered with May Barn Consultancy, and funded by the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation. The project aims to optimise the lighting regime delivered to high value salad leaves grown in a multilevel hydroponic system, to improve the phytonutrient and vitamin content.