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Prihantoro Prihantoro

Former Research Student

Prihantoro Prihantoro

Research overview

Corpus Linguistics is my primary interest. This includes, but not limited to:

1) Corpus Bulding

At this present moment, i am collecting data from written Javanese and spoken Indonesian. In the past, I co-authored the ICNALE corpus (http://language.sakura.ne.jp/icnale/), a learner corpus. I was involved in the development of ICNALE Spoken version. The project leader is Dr. Shinichiro Ishikawa


2) Corpus Preprocessing

I am interested in building a large scale machine readable dictionaries and grammars, which can be used for linguistic annotation, especially to under-resourced languages. My Ph.D project deals with morphological annotation for Indonesian texts, under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Hardie. Previously in my MA Project, I developed a multilingual  machine readable dictionary (Korean - Indonesian) and grammars, to recognise classifiers.


3) Corpus Based Analysis

My primary works adopt corpus methodology; this ranges from data collection, data processing with different corpus processing tools, designing queries using regular expression and grammars, up to reading concordance and corpus metadata.




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