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Dr Richard Dawson

Honorary Researcher, Senior Lecturer

  1. H2H Project - Phase 1

    Mason, K., Buscher, M., Dawson, R., Hoster, H., Zografos, K., Bimbo, N., Kemp, R. & Gilmore, M.

    Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


    Project: Research

  2. MSI: IRSIP materials for energy devices

    Dawson, R. & Bimbo, N.

    Higher Education Commission Pakistan


    Project: Research

  3. MSI: LiNa Energy Cell Manufacturing

    Dawson, R. & Andrieux, F.

    Innovate UK


    Project: Research

  4. MSI Nano Sun (KTP)

    Griffin, J., Dawson, R. & Gupta, G.

    Innovate UK


    Project: Research

  5. Optimisation of Plasma Torches

    Martin, A., Bimbo, N., Dexter, A. & Dawson, R.

    Innovate UK


    Project: Research

  6. KTP with Ceres Power Ltd: KTP with Ceres Power Ltd

    Dawson, R. & Green, S.

    Ceres Power


    Project: Research

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