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Professor Richard Haley

Professor of Low Temperature Physics

  1. Operating Nanobeams in a Quantum Fluid: Probing the Condensate and Cooling the Beam

    Bradley, I. (Creator), George, R. (Creator), Guénault, T. (Creator), Haley, R. (Creator), Kafanov, S. (Creator), Noble, T. (Creator), Pashkin, Y. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Poole, M. (Creator), Prance, J. (Creator), Sarsby, M. (Creator), Schanen, R. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Wilcox, T. (Creator), Zmeev, D. (Creator), Lancaster University, 5/12/2016, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/120


  2. Breaking the superfluid speed limit in a Fermionic condensate [Dataset]

    Zmeev, D. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Haley, R. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Fisher, S. N. (Creator), Bradley, I. (Creator), Guénault, T. (Creator), Skyba, M. (Creator), Schanen, R. (Creator), Lawson, C. (Creator), Lancaster University, 9/05/2016, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/73


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