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Professor Tony Guénault

Formerly at Lancaster University

Current Teaching

I have been involved in all aspects of physics teaching, with particular interest in Statistical Physics, Condensed Matter and Low Temperature Physics. The second and enlarged edition of my text "Statistical Physics" is published by Springer.

My second text "Basic Superfluids" is published by Taylor and Francis as part of their Masters Series in Physics and Astronomy. It aims to be an introduction for physics students to the fascinating world of low temperature physics.

Research Interests

My early work concerned electron and phonon transport properties (and notably thermoelectric power) in simple metals in the low temperature limit, including an understanding of phonon drag.

My research concerns the properties of matter at ultra-low temperatures. The Lancaster ultra-low temperature group (Ian Bradley, George Pickett, Shaun Fisher, Richard Haley, Viktor Tsepelin and myself) has achieved colder superfluid helium3 (about 90 microK) and colder equilibrium lattice temperature of a solid (7 microK) than elsewhere. The work in superfluid helium3 centres around an understanding of the ballistic transport properties of helium3 quasiparticles, for which a new sort of intuition based on "Andreev scattering" is essential. Our in-house advanced microkelvin refrigerators provide unparalleled facilities for ultralow temperature studies. George Pickett and I were awarded the 1998 Simon Memorial Prize in recognition of our research in low temperature physics.

Ultra-Low Temperature Research Homepage

Research overview

Quantum fluids, especially superfluids helium-3 and helium-4. Breakdown of superfluidity under oscillatory and uniform flow conditions. Turbulence and drag properties. Ballistic quasiparticle excitations in superfluid helium-3. Measurement techniques, refireration methods and thermometry at ultra-low temperatures.

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