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Dr Richard Twine

Formerly at Lancaster University

PhD supervision

I welcome docotoral research students in the following areas:

Animal Studies - especially Animals and Biotechnology Post-dualistic ontology in Sociology Intersectionality - especially including the nonhuman The Political Economy of Animal Agriculture Gender Studies - Masculinities / Feminist Theory / Ecofeminism Posthumanism (critical) Food and Sustainability

Current Teaching

During the 2010/2011 Academic year I am teaching:


GWS 101 Introduction to Gender and Womens' Studies

Postgraduate: (SOCL 913 I am co-teaching with Dr. Gail Crowther)

SOCL 933 Animals, Science and Society

SOCL 913 Gender, Sex and Bodies

Additional Information

Please see my personal page www.richardtwine.com for more information

Or just drop me an e-mail.


Twine, R (2010) Animals as Biotechnology - Ethics, Sustainability and Critical Animal Studies London: Earthscan

journal articles

Twine, R (2010) 'Intersectional Disgust? - Animals and (Eco) Feminism' Feminism and Psychology Vol20, no3, pp397-406,

Twine, R (2007) 'Searching for the Win-Win? - Animals, Genomics and Welfare' International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food Vol.16, No.3, pp. 1-18.

Twine, R (2007) 'Thinking Across Species - A Critical Bioethics Approach to Enhancement' Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics Vol.28, No.6, pp. 509-523.

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Twine, R (2005) 'From Warnock to the Stem Cell Bank - Evaluating the UK's Regulatory Measures for Stem Cell Research' Journal of International Biotechnology Law Vol.2, No.1, pp.1-14

Twine, R (2002) 'Physiognomy, Phrenology and the Temporality of the Body' Body and Society Vol.8, No.1, pp.67-88

Twine, R (2001) 'Ma(r)king Essence: Ecofeminism and Embodiment' Ethics and the Environment Vol.6, No.2, pp.31-58

Chapters in books

Twine, R (2010) "Genomic Natures read through Posthumanisms" in Nature After the Genome edited by Parry, S. & Dupre, J.

Twine, R (2010) "Broadening the Feminism in Feminist Bioethics" forthcoming in Feminist Bioethics: At the centre, at the margins edited by Scully, J, Baldwin-Ragaven, L & Fitzpatrick, P.

Twine, R (2006) "Agricultural Animals as Targets of Genetic Progress - Engaging with Animal Scientists about the Impact of Genomics" in Ethics and the Politics of Food by Matthias Kaiser & Marianne Lien eds. Wageningen Academic Publishers >


Contributor to Anker, S & Talasek, J.D. eds. (2009) Visual Culture and Bioscience UMBC - Proceedings from a Virtual Symposium

Holloway, L & Twine, R (2008) "Animal Engineering" Food Ethics Vol.3, No.3, pp.30-32.

Twine, R (2005) Report of the First Meeting of the European Project on Biometric Identification Technology Ethics (BITE Project)

Twine, R (2002) "Ecofeminism and the 'New' Sociologies - A Collaboration Against Dualism" PhD dissertation [supervised by Dr. Gail Hawkes & former President of the British Sociological Association Professor Sue Scott. Externally examined by the late Dr. Anne Witz.]

Twine, R (2001) "Ecofeminisms in Process " online at ecofem.org/journal

Twine, R (1997) "Masculinity, Nature, Ecofeminism" online at ecofem.org/journal [see also Hall, L (2005) "Reflections on the Masculine Hegemon: A Reply to Richard Twine" online at ecofem.org/journal] >

Book reviews

'Leonardo's Choice - Genetic Technologies and Animals' by Gigliotti, C. Ed. Genomics, Society and Policy Vol.5, No.2, (2009), pp.87-90.

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'Ecological Feminism' by Warren, K (ed.) Environmental Values Vol. 6, No.3, (1997), pp.370-371.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Cycling, Running, Swimming, Hiking, Vegan cooking (& eating!), Independent films, Gigs.

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