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Dr Roy Alderton

Research student

Research Interests

My main research interest is sociophonetics. I am particularly interested in how people make associations between phonetic features and social groups, and how this relates to their own speech production. I address this topic in my research with reference to the idea of 'salience' - that certain linguistic variables are more prominent or noticeable than others - and how this operates in the social world.

I am also interested in topics in phonetics and sociolinguistics more generally; these include auditory and acoustic phonetics, language variation and change, dialectology, folk linguistics, attitudes to language, indexicality and social meaning and sounds of the world's languages.

I am a member of the Phonetics Lab research group.

For more information about my research and other academic activities, please see my personal website.

Thesis Title

Salience and social meaning in speech production and perception

Supervised By

Current Teaching

I have previously taught on the following modules:

LING221 - Sounds of the World's Languages

LING223 - English Phonetics

LING325 - Topics in Phonetic and Phonological Theory

LING327 - Advanced English Phonetics

LING401 - Research Methods in Linguistics and English Language

Additional Information

I am the media equipment assistant for the Department of Linguistics and English Language. Staff and students who would like to borrow equipment for linguistic projects may get in touch with me to arrange a loan. The media office is located in C3, County South.

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