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Dr Rustam Mirrakhimov

Research student

Rustam Mirrakhimov

Research overview

My research interests focus on financial regulations of capital markets ranging from transactions reporting under MiFIR/MiFID II, and EMIR to market abuse. I am particularly interested in disclosure of inside information requirements under MAR 2 (given the new amendemnets to be brought in with Regualtion (EU) 2019/2115), transactions executed through algorithmic trading and their impact on the integrity objective, and so on.

My present research is on insider dealing regulations in the UK, and is inter-disciplinary in nature. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the existing dual-regulatory framework through the lens of deterrence theory (taking the credible deterrence approach as a refernece point), and will involve some elements from game theory for putting forward an optimal enforcement strategy against insider dealing.



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