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Dr Sabrina Ammi

Former Research Student

Current Research

My research explores the comprehension monitoring skills of 7- to 10-year-old children. The main aim is to determine the factors that influence children’s monitoring of sense, when reading. To do this, I have conducted a series of experiments in which children read texts, some of which contain errors. I have used both off-line and on-line (reading time and eye-tracking) methodologies to investigate a comprehensive range of factors that might influence error detection and account for the general finding that even 10-year-olds do not appear to spot very obvious errors. The factors that I have investigated include: The nature of the error in a text, whether or not children are alerted to the presence of possible errors, text presentation, and the working memory demands of the task. I have also related performance to independent measures of reading and working memory. Together, this work will determine the critical reader and task characteristics that influence this essential component of skilled comprehension. 

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